Silverstack offers a lot of features such as playback, advanced filtering and transcoding for commonly used digital film cameras.

For other formats or generic production documents such as sound files and photos, Silverstack offers a broad range of management functionality.

With Silverstack, all files are copied and managed in the same, secure way, which simplifies the daily tasks for DITs and streamlines subsequent post-production work.

The offload wizard will automatically detect if the the files in the selected source are from a generic format. Then start the Offload process as covered in detail in the offload screencast.

To be able to see generic format files in Silverstack's library make sure to toggle the "files filter" button to all files

Silverstack will offer basic viewing and playback for every kind of file with OSX's QuickLook feature. This means that any file playable in Finder like documents, images or sound files will be also available for viewing using the QuickLook button. This also works with third party plugins - for example, you will be able to quick look MXF files if you have the MXF4Mac plugin installed. For more information about detailed management features for generic file or the advanced support please watch the other screen casts and visit our Knowledge Base