• Essential tools for film editors, colorists and DITs
  • Useful timesaving plugins for Adobe Premiere and FCPX
  • Inside Assimilate’s newest tool

As a film editor having access to all of the best tools to make your post production life easier can be a daunting task. Not only do you have to stay up to date with at least one NLE’s core capabilities you also need to keep a mental Swiss army knife of applications to hand, to tackle various parts of your post production workflow.

In this post I’ve brought together a collection of tools that I think will be of real benefit to editors, colorists and DITs working on all kinds of projects. Some of these I’ve tried and tested myself, others I’ve come across online and tucked away for the future, others have gotten in touch through the blog.

This article includes the following apps:

  • Assimilate SCRATCH Play Pro
  • Hedge for Mac & Windows
  • Gpanel & PDF Viewer
  • Closed Caption Tools
  • Building a Hackintosh for Editing
  • Filestage Review and Approval
  • Plugins for FCPX Editors
  • Kollaborate Workflows

Regardless of their origin, these tools might help you get your work done with much less hassle, time and headaches and hopefully get you home sooner!

Assimilate SCRATCH Play Pro

SCRATCH Play Pro is essentially a stripped down version of the hugely featured Assimilate SCRATCH 9 (check out my beginner’s guide to that, here) which means if you’re familiar with SCRATCH you’ll be right at home, or if not by using Play Pro you’ve got a foothold in the other direction.

Check out the short video above to get a succinct overview of how powerful this Player really is.

Key features include:

  • Play almost any camera file format, including raw files
  • Render out true Apple licensed Pro Res files on Windows PC
  • Encode high quality, low file-size H.264 renders in up to 8K resolution and 10-bit
  • Encode H.265 with a licensed encoder from BeamR, in up to 12-bit
  • Play files via SDI-Output
  • Export HDR-report, DIT-report, ALE, LUTs (in all sizes and depths) and CDLs

Of all of these features the Pro Res on Windows encoding seems to be getting the most attention.

Here’s how colorist and Mixing Light Founder, Patrick Inhofer described it in his most recent newsletter (which you should sign up for – it’s free!)

Brilliant. A powerful, inexpensive professional media player that serves as an introduction to the Scratch universe. AND – ProRes encoding on Windows. Grab it before Apple decides to pull the Windows licensing when they figure out Resolve and Premiere Users are using it to replace ageing MacPros serving this transcoding duty.

At $20/month SCRATCH Play Pro is an additional expense if you’re just using it to view your files, but if you think of it more like SCRATCH Encoder Pro then it’s pretty much a bargain, especially given the quality of the outputs Assimilate say they can deliver for Pro Res, H.264 and H.265 files.

Download a free trial here.

How to use Assimilate SCRATCH Pro Play for the first time