In these times where the new digital cinema has arrived to stay DIT World is specialized in services for post production houses companies. We configure color, editing and effects rooms, but we’re mainly pioneer in creating DIT stations or stations for post production on set.

This configurations, which are leading in the world, are based in the power of the Netstor’s products. Beginning with the RAIDs, these ones allow us to obtain more space and to put more number of discs in less rack units. Seeing our stations you can understand the urgent need to save space and also the reliability that the models provide. We mainly use the NA341A, NA321A and the NA331A. In them We configure RAID5 and JBOD for our clients disks, getting as many HDD or SSD in less rack space units as possible.

Our model Model DW-MDP configured with the NA333TB from Netstor

Also one of the keys components the we incorporated in our company and in our post production rooms are the Netstor’s expansors, both the thunderbolt and the PCI express one.

These expansors allow us to get everything we need, the extra number of PCI Express slots, extra power supplies and extra disk spaces. A clear example for the most portable units is the TurboBox. The TurboBox NA255A is one of the most used by us, both on the most powerful DITs stations that we have or in professional color rooms that We built, where we can have as much as three GPU combined and configured in it, giving an unusual power to the 2010’s mac pro, even outperforming the latest Mac Pro model.

Our model Model DW-MDP configured with the NA211TB expansion enclosure from Netstor

So mainly when we're asked to design a rack for a color room, usually the first component that We add to it is the NA265A expansor enclosure, and from there we start with the rest of the components 

We also use a lot the little sister, the NA211TB, that let us put 3 extra PCI Express cards in our most portable units that run with the Macbook Pro or even with the new Mac Pro, allowing us to put in the powerful new RED Rocket X card in this small units, busting the GPU process of this computers to a professional level and enable them to work with all the material that comes from the RED Camera lineup.

In conclusion, Netstor is a very reliable companion, both for its technical support that delivers immediate response to any problem, but also for being open to any suggestion in the developed of new products, this is something key for us in an industry that changes so quickly and were the only way to deliver truly solution to the workflows that our customers ask for, its by being on the verge of technology, like the super fast update to thunderbolt 2 that they did to all the range of its products. We have relied on Netstor since the beginning of our company and we consider it an indispensable ally.