Solid black for our thunderbolt 2 Mac Pro DIT Station. It comes with a 4k SmartScope Duo integrated in its structure, what gives you the chance to do live color grading with its built in LUT Boxes. Also comes with readers for all the cameras, video hub for multi camera setup, up to 96TB of RAID, easy access iTanks for client discs, professional grading controller and a complement table for extra monitor that comes built-in in one of the covers (Model DL-BB) 

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With a small form factor for its great benefits, this systems can handle any kind of material with 64GB RAM, D700 vdieo cards and a fast and big 96TB RAID. Also a UPS power backup, integrated dual CFast and RED Mini-mag reader and Pomfort's Silverstack XT (Model DL-D)

professional velocity:


Checksum downloads from all cameras to RAID 5

Instantly multiple backup copies in HDD, SSD or LTO

Live color adjustment from camera

Footage and audio sync

Dailies - Transcodes

Streaming dailies on iPad and iPhone


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